About Us..

JustPlay Software started in 2015 with “basement” Arduino and electronics projects.  Jake wanted to learn more about programming, electronics, and microcontrollers.  Using Arduino and open-source software seemed to be the best way to do that.

Today, we turned that quest for knowledge into courses to teach other young students that have similar interests and desire to learn.   We created our own Arduino Shields that contain specific components that help to teach various programming techniques such as using variables, conditions, loops, etc.

Jake is a co-founder of JustPlay Software and was only 11 at the time.  His desire to learn is what prompted us to create the courses and actually run those courses at his school where we have been doing that every year since.  We have also been running Saturday courses where we offer four courses – ABC1 (Introduction), ABC2 (Intermediate), ABC3 (Intro to Robotics), TBC1 (Technology Basics – 3D modelling, printing etc) and our newest course ABC4 (Intro to Wireless (WiFi), Bluetooth and Infrared).

We have expanded to begin selling our courses to summer camps and added instructional videos to accompany the Edu-Shields.


We look forward to expanding our sales to more camp programs and expanding our course offerings with at least two more (Advanced) courses.  We are also planning on expanding our community presence by working with local groups such as Canadian Association of Girls in Science (CAGIS), Boy Scouts and Girl Guides, and local schools.  In addition, we participate in the local Maker Expo every year that we can and have really enjoyed the experience!



You can contact us at info@justplaysoftware.com